Thursday, January 20, 2005

You Rule a Country with the Thugs You've Got...

(Go ahead. Complete the sentence in the title.)

In mid-2004, an Austrailian paper ran with a corroborated story (subsequently splashed all over the world) regarding Iyad Allawi acting as judge, jury, and executioner for six bad guys. He walked into a room, asked for a gun, and blew the brains out of 6 detainees at point blank range. At least that was the story.

Subsequently in the furor, BushCo ran some major interference for their handpicked thugmeister. "No, no, not our guy," was the response. "The reporter got the story wrong. He's just trying to discredit the sworn leader of New Iraq™".

Six months later, it turns out that the stories were correct. Iyad Allawi (once a Baath party hitman), apparently did in fact pull the trigger.

Here's the details - and there's an indepth story to follow in the New Yorker.