Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Grandma Eats Cannabis

This is a fun little story from Britian. Ok, anything that doesn't involve Iraq, Bush, or the enormous deficit that's going to do us in is fun. It seems like the Brits are struggling with how much "medicinal" marijuana you can have, whether you can grow your own, and if you can form a "club" and have a member buy and distribute to the other members.

Grandmother ran cannabis cookery club for neighbours
A retired restaurateur has admitted raising a kitty with other pensioners to buy cannabis which she used in her recipes for "medicinal purposes".

Patricia Tabram, a grey-haired grandmother, turned to the drug in an attempt to offset the effects of tinnitus, mild depression and pains after a car crash.
Tabram, 66, was formally cautioned in May last year for possession and cultivation of cannabis after 10in high plants were found growing in her loft. A month later she was caught with 242gms of the drug worth around £850 and self-seal bags for distribution to other people who she declined to name.

She told police that she had clubbed together with a group of elderly people to obtain cannabis for various medicinal reasons. Carl Gumsley, her defence counsel, told Newcastle Crown Court: "She had purchased it on their behalf."
...she said that she was writing a book entitled Grandma Eats Cannabis.

She said: "If they send me to jail I can finish writing my book about the merits of medicinal, herbal cannabis. I want people to know NHS medicines are poisoning them instead of treating their illness. If Jeffrey Archer can write a book in prison, so can I."
"The most popular recipes I have are for lemon and lime cheesecake and chicken and leek pie. I want to publish a cook book with all of them in."

Ok, I KNOW there are some of you out there that can't wait for Amazon to start selling her book, well it's not available yet, but this one is.