Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Helicopter "Crash" in Iraq Kills 30 Marines

Breaking news from CBS:

(CBS/AP) A U.S. Marine transport helicopter crashed in western Iraq, killing at least 30 on board according to initial reports. Insurgents staged attacks against U.S. forces, schools to be used as polling stations and political party offices on Wednesday, as they pressed a bloody campaign to undermine Iraq's weekend elections.

Is it a quagmire yet?

More info as it develops...

Listen, I'm a vet. But I'm going to quit feeling bad for these folks in uniform over there very quickly from here on forward, and particularly after Sy Hersh's claim last night on TDS that BushCo is ready to let freedom march into Iran as soon as the summer (if you missed Hersh on TDS last night, catch the repeat tonight -- it's scary).

The U.S. is stacking bodies of its own sons and daughters like so much cordwood. Until the families and soliders themselves start a peaceful resistance to this futile endeavor, it ain't gonna stop.

Iraq today, Iran tomorrow, Syria the day after. And yes, there's going to be a draft. There has to be.

Once again, BushCo (sigh) lied.

Update, 9:45AM - From Rising Hegemon, a visual representation of today's events.

And, from comments at Eschaton, a reminder that not only did 380 tons of RDX go missing, so have 4,000 SAMs (reported in November, 2004 in the Washington Post).