Thursday, January 20, 2005

Michael Chertoff - Timeline

In the next few weeks, we're going to be hearing much more about the upcoming confirmation hearings for Michael Chertoff as Fatherland Homeland Security Secretary. ASZ's been on the case since day 1 - and we'll be following the confirmation process closely.

Here's a timeline that's been developed to graphically represent Mike Chertoff's career moves:

(Timeline credit: The University Star, TSU-San Marcos, Texas. A .pdf file of the front page can be found here.)

The writeup that accompanied the timeline in the print edition of the paper can be found on TUS's website. My only real complaint with the article is that it pulled some punches - for instance, looking at the timeline, it would appear that the first time Chertoff hung out with Magdy Elamir was in June of 2000. Faithful ASZ readers know that Elamir first retained Michael Chertoff in 1997. Also, the article fails to stress that Chertoff had to have some intimate knowledge of Dr. Elamir's finances.

No matter - there's time for the story to percolate.

Oh, and let me ask a purely hypothetical question that popped into my head today - is "extramarital sex" the same as "illicit sex"? Or is there nuance? Just askin'.