Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Admin Note: Poor Richard's Coronation Ceremony Plans

They say that some things just weren't meant to be. After fighting back death-by-flu and missing three days of work last week, it's impossible for me to duck out another day to attend the Second Coronation on Thursday. Living as close to the scene of the crime as I do, I was so looking forward to it. But I also look forward to keeping my job.

So, I've had to scuttle plans to attend. While I'll sorely miss being part of the action, I won't miss the bone numbing cold that's settled in over the area, and which would probably play hell with this 50 year old body that is still recovering from last week's adventure in illness.

To anyone that was anticipating on-scene reporting from me, I apologize...I guess we'll have to catch it in the next Michael Moore film...

Now, I'm going to go show Guy Andrew Hall at Rook's Rant that I know how to do trackbacks. Shoot, and I still owe the rest of the ASZ crew a tutorial. Oh well. Hey, it just so happens that Rook's offering one! [wink, wink]