Thursday, January 27, 2005

Gerrymandering - Delay Style

It seems everybody's favorite barbarian is unhappy with the legislators he's been dealt. So what's a barbarian to do when denigrating your adversaries with taunts of "girly-man" doesn't inspire cooperation? Why you do what every reptilian republican does, petition for a special election to redraw the districts.

Schwarzenegger strengthens calls for special election
SACRAMENTO, Calif., Jan 26 (Reuters) - Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said on Wednesday he would kick off an ambitious campaign as early as next month to force a special election that could rewrite California's political map and change what he calls "business as usual."

Appearing frustrated with his efforts to work with the Democrat-dominated legislature since taking office a little more than a year ago, the moderate Republican said 2005 was the year to force a vote that could amount to a defacto no confidence vote in lawmakers.

I'm not from California, so don't have a handle on what the Gropenator's been up to or against, (if you want to insert a dirty pun here go ahead). Maybe Kate can fill us in on how the gov's doing. Ok, that sounded bad and I DID NOT mean to imply that Kate has THAT kind of knowledge of the gov, but being a resident of the state she should be able to fill us in on the state of the state -- if she's still talking to me that is.