Saturday, January 22, 2005

The Mouse Vortex Got Me (Ouch!)

Fear and Loathing through Anaheim

Four days in a row now ... I've had to pass dangerously close to The Happiest Place on Earth, AKA The House of Mouse. (HOM) It's more exposure than I've had in months and months, and this morning it's left me feeling a bit, um... dare I say it? Goofy. I dropped Mr. Keys off at the renowned Anaheim Convention Center for the third of four NAMM days. The convention center is just across Katella Avenue to the south of the HOM. To get there from my cozy little hovel, it's a straight shot south on Harbor Boulevard.

On the way home at about 8:30 AM... on my day off, mind you, the heavens may crack... after handing him his lunch sack, and telling him to play nicely with the other children, the happy touristas were everywhere! Eeeek! One beefy dad was crossing Harbor with family in tow and was wearing a Stitch hat complete with cute little antennae. Closer to home, a banner over Harbor Blvd. announced that St. Catherine's Military Academy would be holding a Civil War Re-Enactment in February... be there or be square. Maniacal laughter burbled from between my tightly pressed lips. It was all I could do to drive cautiously home and run to my G4 and the All Spin Zone for blessed relief.

So, now that my brain has been turned to mush by the Mouse Vortex ... before I head out to get some othodotics for my poor old feet (I must, I must before I'm completely crippled), I thought I'd leave you with some "goofy" Happy Planet tidbits for Saturday.

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