Thursday, January 27, 2005

O O O O -- What's With the "O's"?

Those aren't "O's", they're little white stickers, just large enough to cover a "bubble" on a ballot.
Serious Election Fraud Allegations Emerge out of Clermont County

Serious new election tampering allegations have emerged from an Ohio county, where witnesses allege that stickers were placed on presidential election ballots, RAW STORY has learned.

Several volunteer workers in the Ohio recount in Clermont County, Ohio have prepared affidavits alleging serious tampering, violations of state and federal law, and possible fraud. They name the Republican chief of Clermont's Board of Elections and the head of the Clermont Democratic Party as complicit in allegedly illicit acts.

RawPrint has the affidavits of four witnesses.

Guess whose bubble was covered up and whose was filled in. Winter Patriot breaks it down over at the BradBlog.