Friday, January 28, 2005

Tag 'Em and Bag 'Em

The Department of Homeland Security has come up with a great new way to keep us safe from terrorists. "What's that?" you ask, "Are they implementing a new color-code system, putting more guards on the border, increasing port security, checking incoming cargo, or maybe they're finally getting around to securing the nuclear power plants?"

Hell no! Most of those things would make sense, except the color-codes, and just what color are we at now? Sorry, lost my train of thought. Back to the topic, the DHS is planning a trial run of tagging incoming tourists with a RFID chip.
The US Department of Homeland Security has decided to trial RFID tags in an effort to make sure only the right sort of people get across US borders.

The controversial US-VISIT scheme for those visiting the US from abroad already fingerprints holidaymakers on their way into the country and is now adding RFID to the mix in order to improve border management, the department said.

The trials will start at a "simulated port" in the spring and will then be extended to Nogales East and Nogales West in Arizona; Alexandria Bay in New York; and Pacific Highway and Peace Arch in Washington by the end of July.

The "right sort of people", gee I wonder who qualifies as the "right sort"? I pulled up this additional article on the DHS plans to tag incoming tourists.

I wonder how long it will be, before only the "wrong sort" of citizens will be required to carry a RFID tag.