Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Torture's All the Rage!

Never, NEVER, NEVER ask how low this administration can sink, because they'll show you.

Winter Patriot has been guest blogging over at the BradBlog while Brad's taking a well deserved rest. This is how the administration is supporting the troops:
Tortured POWs Win Judgement Against Iraq;
Justice Department Seeks To Overturn It!

Guest blogged by Winter Patriot

If you needed any further proof that the American government doesn't give a damn about its soldiers, here's a story to make you cry ... again! It looks like our Justice Department has fallen so deeply in love with torture, that in their view, it's not only OK for our guys to torture their guys, but it's also OK for their guys to torture our guys!

I quote the following passages from an article written by John Norton Moore, published by Slate, and headlined: Abuse of Trust: The POW scandal you haven't yet heard about.

Moore writes:
    This nation has a special responsibility to prevent the torture of Americans held as prisoners of war. Our POWs have been brutally tortured at command direction in war after war, including the Korean, Vietnam, and most recently, the Gulf War; and it's clear that we need to do whatever we can to break this pattern. Yet when 17 of our tortured Gulf War POWs and 37 of their family members said "enough" and joined together to bring a historic civil action to hold their Iraqi torturers liable, they were shocked — having won their case in federal court — to find the Department of Justice seeking to erase their judgment and "absolve" their torturers.

This is just a small taste of the whole pile. Finish the rest over at BradBlog.
The fallout from this shitstorm will follow ALL our troops from now on.