Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Skyrocketing Budget Deficit

Today's Los Angeles Times reports that budget estimates, again, are worse than we feared. Yes, Bush, who promised he would get HIS deficit under control is looking at more record-setting. Not that we didn't know this before. . .

I hear Repugs talk about legacy, and this is one that comes to mind. It is, in effect, a tax increase on the next generation, a generational shift in the tax burden, and that's a message that needs to be pounded in. Taxing our children is not a family value, nor is it ethical. Sure, we can point to propaganda and IRaq and Abu Ghraib and all sorts of other actions as unethical acts that demena our country, but we on the progressive side should always remember Mr. Carville's words: "It's the economy, stupid."

In the next four years we need to make sure the Repugs OWN this deficit. Heck, it appears now we can make Repug Congressmen and Senators OWN it at the mid-term elections.