Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Pro-Life Democratic Senator

And I support him.

In Pennsylvania we have a far greater evil, Rick Santorum, and the second coming of Bob Casey comes as quite a relief. Frankly, the first coming of Bob Casey was very much the embodiment of "compassionate conservatism" in Democrat clothing, but that debate can be held elsewhere. (Go do a google search and you can see all about how the conservatives LOVE Bob Casey, Sr., at least if they can paint the Democrats as shunning one of their own for his pro-life sympathies in the process.)

That's the crux of the matter. The Casey family is pro-life, and that extends to the current Robert Casey, Jr., who is being wooed by Democrats nationwide to take on Rick Santorum. And I'm pleased that the Democrats are standing on pragmatic ground on this issue, as much of a pro-choice guy that I am. Because, frankly, there may be no more evil man in all America, considering the power he weilds, than Rick Santorum.

Just take a look at Mr. Santorum. Not only is he anti-choice, but he's also virulently anti-gay, having compared them in public to bigamy, adultry and incest. Perhaps he just thinks gays are promiscuous, but that's just wrong. Mr. Santorum is the poster boy for what's wrong with the whole Republican values schtick, especially as he breaks ethical rules left and right.

You see, what's more wrong is his sending his kids to an online school in the Penn Hills district in Pennsylvania, for a huge taxpayer cost, without actually living there. Most of us would consider that theft, but Mr. Santorum simply took his kids off the program and it caused a mere ripple politically (though a couple bloggers I know, among them Richard Cranium, noticed the trangression).

Frankly, this is a bit the lesser of the two evils to some extent, but I have no problem with a politician being pro-life. Bob Casey's got no chance of changing the law of the land. But a man like Santorum represents the hate wing of the Republican Party, and we need the best we can do to take him down. Casey's the guy who can win those Alabama votes here in Pennsylvania.