Monday, January 24, 2005

So Where Were These People on November 2?

Sleeping in a spider hole?

Or were they just convinced that Kerry had no better plan to disengage from the quagmire?

Monkey Boy™ owns this, along with the 51%'ers who supported him.

On eve of Iraq vote, war less popular in US:

...Only one-third of the Americans surveyed in a Harris poll last week said they expect the January 30 vote to help quell violence in Iraq, where more than 1,360 US troops have died since the March 2003 invasion and an insurgency shows no signs of abating.

Thirty-four percent said the situation will get better in Iraq after the vote, while another 34 percent said things will remain the same and 25 percent said the situation will get worse, according to the poll of 2,209 adults by Harris Interactive.

'It has taken a while, but now Americans seem to be more conscious of the war and its impact,' said Bruce Cain, director of the Institute of Governmental Studies at the University of California at Berkeley.

'Many Americans at first gave the benefit of the doubt to (President George W. Bush) out of patriotism, out of confidence in him.

'Now we have a majority of people saying the war was a mistake,' Cain said.

Some days, you just want to scream...