Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Someone Likes Us!!

Shock and awe reign in the ASZ village this evening.

All Spin Zone has been nominated for "Best Overall Blog by a Non-Professional" in the Oscar's® of the Left, the Koufax Awards.

As you might expect, there's some pretty heady competition in this category - upstarts and neophytes such as dKos, Eschaton, Hullaballoo, Gilliard, among others. The bottom line is that the top 8 to 10 nominated blogs will compete as finalists for the Koufax.

We won't twist any arms, we won't beg, we won't do your housework, and the bribes are strictly low dollar value in nature. But, in the political spirit of ASZ, we'll ask you to vote early, often, and if you see BUSH show up in the tally window of your electronic voting machine, we'll call in Ken Blackwell to investigate.

Seriously, it's an honor to have been recognized for having come this far enough in such a relatively short period of time. It's a testament to everyone that makes up this community: those who write, those who kibitz comment, and folks who just kind of hang around (we'll call them "the groupies").

Here's the link to the award thread (hint - only list one, whether it's us or another blog - MB, Dwight, and Eric are only looking at the first blog you write in.)

Other categories are expected to be posted shortly...we'll keep you abreast.

Update, 10:35PM: Schnikes, we've been nominated in the Best Group Blog category, too! Oh, our swelled heads...same voting rules apply.