Saturday, January 08, 2005

YCMTSU*, Volume 57,237

You all remember the letter Blackwell sent out to Republicans patting himself on the back for "delivering Ohio" to Bush on election night. That self-congratulatory letter that shows his kneepads, emblazoned with the Bush/Cheney '04 logo, stained from all the use they'd gotten in the last election. The letter that Blackwell uses to pimp himself, as a guy who "never bowed to political pressure and stuck to my guns.", while soliciting contributions for his run for governor -- while the Ohio recount was still ongoing.

It seems there is a problem with that letter, beyond its timing and crassness. Mr. Blackwell was soliciting illegal contributions* from corporate donors. (*Look for the double asteriks under the amount to donate list. What is it with Republicans and Loyalty Pledges?)

Ohio Letter Seeks Illegal Contributions
A pledge card with the letter from Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell, a Republican who co-chaired the Bush-Cheney election campaign in Ohio, said "corporate & personal checks are welcome."

Corporate donations are illegal in Ohio.
Blackwell said the request sent to GOP donors and activists was an oversight. His campaign's fund-raising coordinator, Jeff Ledbetter, blamed a printer for the mistake, saying it used a template for an issue committee, which is allowed to accept corporate donations.

Riiiiight. But wait for it, the best part is coming:

Blackwell has maintained that he is permitted to campaign for Bush and that Ohio's election system has checks and balances to ensure fair elections.

"I have an obligation to follow the law," Blackwell said.

Why don't I believe that he fulfills his obligations to the law? Could it be because he is too busy fulfilling his "obligations" to Bush?

Update: The BradBlog, is also covering Blackwell's campaign whorage. Is it legal to use "official looking" government stationary to pimp yourself for office?

The "Honorable Kenneth Blackwell". Riiiiiiiight.

*Another from the "You Can't Make This Shit Up" department.