Sunday, January 09, 2005

Bad Moon Rising...

Total Eclipse of the Son
Much has been made of George being a born again Christian. His photographers have gone to great lengths to photograph him so his head is "haloed" by a glow, or ring of lights. These images are pre-planned, much like the photographs you see in magazines, cookbooks, or on cereal boxes. They are designed to sell a product. So with creative photography, a few assertions of being "born-again", and his massive effort to undermine the separation of church and state, the idea of George being a "very religious man" has wedged it's way into the minds of many, many Americans.

But what do we really know about George's religion? Not much really. Do we need to know about his religion? Ordinarily, I'd say no, that a POTUS has as much right to his religion and privacy surrounding it as everybody else. These are not ordinary times, and his comingling church and state should bring much more scrutiny and oversight than it has.

So what has George been doing? Why, he's been supporting the "Tear Down the Cross" movement. Most people who have been paying attention to the religious movements have been focusing attention on the fundamentalists and dominionist movements and talk of "The Rapture". Congresscritters like Santorum, Delay and Brownback provide excellent soundbite material for poking fun and elevating outrage. Do they provide more smoke and mirrors designed to distract us?

What is rarely talked about or covered in the MSM, or even in most alternative media is the long, enduring relationship between the 2 presidents Bush and the Rev. Moon. Isn't it time we started seriously looking at this relationship? Being a Christian, who supposedly believes in Jesus, why would Dubya support a movement to replace Jesus with Rev. Moon?
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