Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Predators, Some of the Horrors
Another Pond Object Lesson

Predators are different depending on the biosphere. This is a simple fact and goes without saying for most people, and for pondkeepers; our predators are heron and like birds, and raccoon. Herons wait for you to be gone, and then they spear your pond fish and carry them off. Raccoons are worse... they leave half-eaten carcasses. As I said, Yes Virginia, there are horrors for the goddesses of ponds.

In the world biosphere we have many other predators including, the US government.

I understand why herons and raccoons hunt and then find pond fish. Food. I don't understand why the millionaire, billionaire boys have to hunt throughout the world. Their money makes them money in wheel barrows via investments. But yet, it's not enough. Once I read that even with the filthy rich, people desire 10% more than they have. I don't understand that. I guess I was just "born bad", not of a proper mindset to be one of the elite power brokers, a proper capitalist. I'm more and more inclined to think simpler, and to think that a simpler government is necessary. I cannot really effect any change. I'm just a little voice out here.