Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Woman's Womb and Politics

If the theocon-neocons have their way with us (pun absolutely intended), women in the US will be returned to those not-so-thrilling days of yesteryear. The Politics of Contraception, by Ruth Rosen at SFGate discusses the politicization of the FDA in the matter of birth control.

You'd think those who oppose abortion would embrace a safe method of contraception. A December 2002 study by the prestigious Alan Guttmacher Institute estimated that emergency contraception probably prevented 51,000 abortions in 2000. But many social conservatives support "abstinence only" as strongly as they oppose abortion.

We live in an excessively sexualized culture that uses sex to sell us everything from cars to clothes. Yet we are also heirs of a Victorian legacy that makes us uncomfortable teaching young people about sex and that insists that if nice girls and women "do it," they -- and not men -- should suffer the wages of sin.

And from the Lysistrata Project a link to many articles about the US government in women's wombs (all around the world, not just in the US), and another to how women's control of contraception might solve a multitude of problems on the Happy Planet.