Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Get Involved

This is becoming like a weekly post for me. There's a little more than five months left until the general election. I know, the dog days of summer haven't even hit yet. But those five months will sneak up on us quickly.

And the question I'll have for you then: what did you do to run the Bush administration out of town? Did you hook up with like-minded locals in your area and hold a voter registration drive? Did you do any voter outreach? Pass out absentee ballots to those who needed them? Put a bumper sticker on your car? Wear a button to work? Talk to at least one person a day who was on the fence? Pump up five people a day who are already on board with the program? Hold up a sign at a busy intersection?

I ask the question because if we don't' succeed in running the squatters out of the White House, we'll have no one to blame but ourselves for whatever happens over the next four years.

There's a lot of work to be done between now and November 2nd. I don't believe that one person in the progressive camp can take a Bush defeat for granted, even though he's trailing in the polls. Circumstances change, and the polls become very volatile in the fall. So, the more momentum we build right now, the harder it's going to be for the Rovians to reverse course on their fate.

Take a few minutes and get involved today. There's many, many worthy organizations out there that need your financial support and your boots on the ground. Here's a couple that carry the Richard Cranium Seal of Approval™ :

America Coming Together : a grassroots organization whose sole purpose is canvassing and registering voters. Every dollar contributed is expensed on just that task - getting boots on the ground with clipboards in hand. If you don't have a spare buck to contribute, call the local office and ask how you can help.

Wellstone Action Network: Camp Wellstone is an exciting and energetic 2.5 day program that trains participants in the philosophy, strategy and tactics for winning grassroots political and electoral campaigns. This national program teaches a distinctive approach that integrates electoral politics, issues advocacy community organizing and leadership development.

Verified Voting: The Verified Voting Foundation and VerifiedVoting.org champion transparent, reliable, and publicly verifiable elections in the United States.

The bottom line - I feel that everyone who takes the time to read All Spin Zone, as backwater a political blog as there is, are truly committed to regime change. You probably wouldn't waste your time here otherwise. But as I've said before, we all need to do more than sit on our asses in front of the monitor. While the keyboard is powerful, personal outreach is even more so. Plus, you get the added health benefit of fresh air and walking. :-)