Saturday, June 19, 2004

Why Ith It Hard to Thspeak with My Tongue In My Cheek?
Th-elebrate the TholStice!

I know about the Summer Solstice because it's often the day before my birthday. According to my calendar at home, this year it is Monday, 21st, 3:10 PM EST. My husband's birthday is two days after mine. We are solstice babies. We often celebrate, sorta, for three days including what we call the "Inbetween". Today I mentioned that it's getting to be about that time, and wondered aloud if we shouldn't sacrifice some small, vile vegetable and dance around a fire naked this year, and he replied as I thought he might.......... that particular vegetable is too well-guarded. (Thsee what I meant about that pethsky tongue and cheek thing?)

But if you're getting ready for your annual summer solstice celebration, rest assured that no sacrifice is necessary. ;-) Here's a blurb on some traditions. And for the Stonehenge lovers, a link for great photos.

Happy Summer. Live long and prothsper. Blessed Be!