Tuesday, June 01, 2004

ATTN: Bush Youth - RNC Needs YOU!

Hey kids - is your dad a Bush "Pioneer" or "Ranger"? Then, make him proud this Father's Day and join the ASZ Challenge - and possibly win an all expense paid trip to the Republican National Convention in New York City courtesy of Ed Gillespe! Yes, young brownshirts, the Republican National Committee is sponsoring an essay contest as part of their "Stand Up and Holla!" campaign, open to all Bush Youth (18 - 24 years old).

Is there a budding Sean Hannity in the crowd? Perhaps a pugnatious and pert mAnn Coulter wannabe? We breathlessly await your enthralling composition of youthful conservative wit and wisdom! Everyone's doing it! You might even get lucky, and get to hobnob with Carson Daly on MTV's "TRL", fer jeebus' sake.

Here's the dealio:

  • Who? Young Adults Ages 18-24
  • What? An essay of no more than 300 words that answers this question: Why is the President's call to community service important and how have you demonstrated it?
  • How? Write your essay...Ten finalists may be invited to film a video clip that will be posted to the web and voted on by the public.
  • Why? Because what you think matters... and the winner may deliver a speech to the nation during the 2004 Republican National Convention.
  • When? The deadline for contest submissions is June 15, 2004. Voting will be available on the Convention website and on the RNC's voter registration vehicle, "Reggie the Rig," and on MTV.com. The winner will be announced on MTV's TRL.
We here at ASZ can think of no better way to express how you feel about the President's call to service - particularly with continuing rumors of firing up the military draft right after election season. Hint: we suggest you recognize examples from the past four years of how Mr. Bush and/or other prominent Republicans have aptly demonstrated their sentance commitment to community service. Google it and see what you can find - we're not doing your homework for you.

You say you're not in the targeted demographic? Pshaw! That's why ASZ is here - submit your essay by clicking the "comments" link to this posting, and we'll facilitate finding a willing surrogate member of the Bush Youth Leauge to present your essay.

But you need to act fast - don't delay! Although the the RNC deadline is June 15th, ASZ's deadline for entries is whenever this thread archives itself or haloscan pukes on the comments, whichever is earlier. No purchase necessary to enter. Decision of the judges is final. Must be present to win. Void in all 50 states, and elsewhere as prohibited by law. Odds of winning are approximately as long as that of Monkey Boy™ making a graceful exit from Bushraq.