Tuesday, June 15, 2004

What About Janis?

I've previously referred to the former commander in charge of Iraqi prisons as Brig. General Janis "Who Me?" Karpinski. Well, it looks like Gen. Karpinski is starting to open up a bit - and point the finger a bit higher in the chain of command. But she's still saying, "Who? Me? In charge? Shoot, I'm just a lowly one star general."

From a BBC interview today (and there's an audio link to the interview, as well):

The US commander at the centre of the Iraqi prisoner scandal says she was told to treat detainees like dogs.
Brig Gen Janis Karpinski told the BBC she was being made a "convenient scapegoat" for abuse ordered by others.

Top US commander for Iraq, Gen Ricardo Sanchez, should be asked what he knew about the abuse, she told BBC Radio 4's On The Ropes programme.

One soldier has been sentenced and six others are awaiting courts martial for abuses committed at Abu Ghraib jail.

Gen Karpinski said more damaging information was likely to emerge at those trials.

Gen Karpinski was in charge of the military police unit that ran Abu Ghraib and other prisons when the abuses were committed. She has been suspended but not charged.
Well, anyway, what do you expect? Anyone associated with this "war" and the whole Iraq lack of planning refuses to take any responsibility or accept accountability. Why should Janis Karpinski be any different? Like I said before, self preservation instinct, yada yada, yada.

Oh yeah - and who's that guy being escorted into the cell by Gen. Karpinski in the photo above? Wolfo-somethingoranother...it's right on the tip of my tongue...ah, probably just some garden variety criminal.