Saturday, June 26, 2004

**If You'll Be My Bodyguard,
I could be your long-lost pal...

Call him Al...

Meanwhile, Ireland's Taoiseach, Mr. Ahern is smiling and waving, but the people of the Emerald Isle are having none of it. (Link to The Guardian)

Quote: "...this weekend's visit by George Bush, the US president, has turned tradition on its head. Irish lawyers have signed a petition against Mr Bush and suggested he should be arrested as soon as he arrives. Clerics have questioned the president's morals and the leader of the Irish senate has boycotted a US embassy dinner to mark his visit. Anti-war protesters say they are being censored by a government desperate to keep a lid on demonstrations. The terrorism risk has resulted in the biggest security operation in the country's history." The above photo comes from an Irish Times article on the "state visit" - Iraq handover to dominate summit talks with Bush

I mentioned this morning over at the Whiskey Bar, that I thought Ireland a strange stupid choice for such a PR moment for the Little Smirk. He's already had one unbecoming interview, and the Irish people know something about what it's like to be an occupied people, and they don't like it. But we know Gray Matter Rove believes only in images with the sound turned down -- AND -- he gets to pick the images, of course. I can't wait for the coverage of the protests to hit the Irish media. I'll post a few in a bit.

Update: for The Doc ... hehehe I'm hunting wabbits! Paul Simon channels Dubya:
"I need a photo opportunity.
I want a shot at redemption.
Don't wanna end up a cartoon
In a cartoon graveyard."

**"You Can Call Me Al", by Paul Simon

Update:from Reuters -- Protesters invoke Shakespeare to blitz Bush
Update, 4:30 AM PDT: Photos from the Dublin, Ireland protests