Saturday, June 26, 2004

"If you think Dick Cheney is cursing today, wait until you hear what he says on Nov. 2," he said.

That's John Kerry quoted in today's LA Times. He was in Ohio and Stark County bemoaning job losses in Massilon, home of the Tigers and the famous Paul Brown. Also nearby Canton is home of Timken, whose owners are among the nation's biggest Bush supporters and also laid off hundreds of workers recently. I know Massilon. Massilon is not Democrat country, but I would urge Kerry to visit early and often. When these guys get upset at their Republicans, you'll see some fireworks.

So, Dick Cheney dropped the "F" bomb on Pat Leahy, and now he's going around strutting about it. Would that play in Massilon? Nope, that is values country. This CNN article shows the Cheney strut. He talks about how Leahy had questioned Cheney's integrity concerning Halliburton. Many of you reading here are wondering where that integrity resides.

One thing you'll notice in that article, is that while Cheney puffs up his chest and justifies a personal attack on the Senate floor, he will not actually admit to saying that word. He continues in his role as Designated Weasel. And there is one thing the farmers and hard workers of Massilon, Ohio don't like -- weasels.

I guess it is all in the definition of the word "sleaze."