Tuesday, June 01, 2004

The US Army Wants YOU!

Yes, that's what you think it is, a protester outside a recruiting facility essentially saying, "join the United States Military, see new lands, fight for freedom, and have a bit of fun torturing people."

Now I'm not one to think all soldiers are responsible for the abuse in Iraqi prisons, and the guys should be punished. But it is hard to believe that they did their acts without some instruction from above.

So far, all we're getting is stonewalling. So I'm pleased to see this clever protest in Boston. It is reported by DC Indymedia, a pretty radical group, but surely even radical groups should be allowed to protest, no? That's exactly the word. "No." Boston police arrested this protester, and they didn't even have to resort to the Patriot Act to back them up, but you just know Mr. Ashcroft would be proud of them, and George Bush might say something like, "What's that man doing out of Hare Krishna Prison?"

And you're surprised the protester got arrested? This is America, home of freedom of speech. A man can stand in whatever outfit he wants, quietly, not screaming or accosting anyone. That's according to our principles, isn't it?

Yeah, right. Not in this Administration. Not with the hype thrown up about terrorism. There are many ways our voices are being silenced, and this is one.