Thursday, June 17, 2004

So Many Targets of Opportunity Today...

Yep. Looks like another great news day for Monkey Boy™. Since I've got a busy day ongoing at the office, you're free to discuss. ;-)

9/11 panel raps response to hijackings
Two words: Payne Stewart

Explosive-laden SUV kills 35 in Iraq
Ok, where are they getting all these explosives? We're not talking about a box of M80's here.

Rumsfeld ordered secret arrest in Iraq
Have they assembled the judiciary in The Hague yet?

Son pleads for captors to release father
Simply sad. Entirely predictable. Why is anyone staying in Riyadh?

Troops to Stay in Iraq as Long as Needed - Wolfowitz

Cheney Won't Back Down on Saddam-Qaeda Links -Aides
Simply unbelieveable. Didn't he catch the news last night about the 9/11 Commission hearing?