Thursday, June 10, 2004

Energy Price Points

I know the corn lobby and congressional reps from the cornbelt states aren't going to be happy with this post. Both the lobby and congresscritters have been pushing ethanol as a potential solution to the high price of gas.

I bought $10 worth of gas tonight. I paid $1.92/gal, which means I received approximately 5 gallons of gas for my Hamilton.

I drove down the road and bought a 1/4 pint bottle of Jack Daniels (just to take the edge off tonight...yeah...that's it...) and paid $3.55.

Now, I admit that Old No. 7, Charcoal Mellowed Whiskey, isn't quite in the same league as fuel grade ethanol.

But still.

Ethanol seems like an expensive way to solve the gas crisis to me. Then again, maybe I should just be buying my JD in 55 gallon drums to get the volume discount.

Now there's an actionable thought.