Sunday, June 27, 2004

Circular Firing Squads

This time, it isn't the Democrats. Yay!

There's a minor snit being made about a new ad on In fact, I even received an email from the DNC about it.

The snit boils down to this: the Bush campaign is "floating" an ad on their website. There are several snippets of good speeches from Al Gore, Howard Dean, and JFK himself. Those snippets are juxtaposed around a few other snippets from an ad that was submitted to in a contest last fall - one which contained some images of Hitler. Now, the DNC is (wink wink,nudge nudge) crying foul, the same way the RNC did last fall.

After watching the ad myself, I wondered what the DNC snit was about? I mean, go view the ad yourself. I swear it should say, "I'm John Kerry, and I approved this message" at the end. What the hell is the Bush campaign thinking putting this ad on the web? Then I got it.

The DNC gets it! Make a media stink, get a bunch of people to watch the ad (both sides of the aisle), and maybe chip away another GOP vote or two, because the Gore and Dean snippets are particularly powerful. Let the Bush Campaign pay for DNC ads!

Heh. Smart guys, those DNC staffers. For the price of an email and a little free media publicity via press release, the DNC gets a great ad.

Morons, those RNC staffers.

Go view the ad and tell me what you think.