Saturday, June 05, 2004

ShrubCo's Rage Against the Dying of the "Light"

While we sturm und drang on our side of the Atlantic the inexorable evolution of human culture continues over on the other side. You know, that place where Old Europe is? (Actually it's doing it here too in the US, but the thought of it makes people pale, so I'll bypass that for now. The US? Change? Unthinkable!) I think the turn to what might rightly be called the quasi-tribalism of the European Union fits right in with what futurists have been saying for decades about a return to a planetary system of peoples less, not more, centralized. It's like eating your cake and having it. That IS the correct turn of the phrase. The trick is not to have cake and eat it. That's easy. The real magic is eating it, and still having it. But I digress.

What caught my eye today is a reference to the EU, the European Union, doing it's evolutionary thing despite the ShrubCo Neocon machinations to the contrary.

So I thought a little "reading" on the EU was the next indicated thing. If you don't care about the EU, okay. If you do, here are some links to reading up on it, since our illustrious (nefarious) Rummy the Rum fired the "Old Europe" salvo months ago.

First, some dry stuff on federations and confederations: here.

Next, The European Union: A guide for Americans

And finally from Project Syndicate, an association of newspapers around the world: America Confronts Old and New Europe

If I live long enough, and human beings don't destroy themselves in the next 20 years, the endless jockeying for the top power seat on our Big Blue Marble is a source of endless entertainment and study. ;-)

Rage, rage against the neocon's extinquishing of the light. Happy reading!

(Image at the top is electronically pilfered from the Sydney Morning Herald. The arena of the angry bull. Image by Webdiary artist Martin Davies,