Sunday, June 13, 2004

Hello, World!

It's Saturday night and I'm a virgin blogger. Here goes.

David Kay, who led the Iraq Survey Group after the invasion, insisted that the weapons did not exist, and called on Blair to apologise for being wrong.

'Anyone out there holding - as I gather Prime Minister Blair has recently said - the prospect that ISG is going to unmask actual weapons of mass destruction is really delusional,' he told the BBC.

'It is amazing that occasionally they slip back into talking about it. The problem is the unwillingness to take the responsibility of saying a few simple words: "We were wrong".
By implication, Kay is calling Bush, Fox News, and all the media talking points heads for the neocons delusional too...nothing you didn't already know, of course.

This delusion has harsher meaning for the International Red Cross estimated +/- 70% of the prisoners in places like Abu Ghraib who were/are innocent.

How many of them were subject to ever harsher treatment to "soften them up" to talk about those non-existent WMD?

Cthulhu watches the spin and sees it wobble.