Sunday, June 13, 2004

E Tu, Brute?

Yeah, it's going to be a bad week for Monkey Boy™. How much more kan Karl Rove take?

From The Guardian:

American policy in Iraq will come under renewed attack from within this week when 26 former diplomats and military officers issue a statement critical of the White House.

The latest statement...will call for Mr Bush's defeat in November, according to sources who have seen it.

The signatories to the statement, to be released on Wednesday in Washington, call themselves Diplomats and Military Commanders for Change. Most of them were appointed under the Reagan and first Bush administrations.

A senior republican strategist told the Los Angeles Times: "For 60 years we believed in, quote, unquote, 'stability' at the price of liberty, and what we got is neither liberty nor stability. So now we are taking a fundamentally different approach toward the Middle East. That is a huge doctrinal shift, and the people who have given their lives, careers to building the previous foreign policy consensus, see this as a direct intellectual assault on what they have devoted their lives to. And it is."
I've been wondering how long the Rovians can keep Monkey Boy™ insulated from what the world around him is saying? This "bubble" thing that George lives in must be very peaceful.

Sad thing is, I'll probably have to go to The Guardian, Der Spiegel, the Beeb, or Al Jazeera to read anything about the "statement" when it's issued.