Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Please, Sir. I Want Some More
Black Box Voting, the Indiana Perspective

This one is short and sweet for people who think voting is some sacrosanct thing in the United States of America. So many other people in so many other countries know it's a rigged game, and has been forever. Why are we still babes in the woods here?

Another state bites the dust. From Intervention Magazine: An investigation into electronic voting in Indiana has frightening implications for the presidential election in November. By Elaine Kitchel

From the article:
"Wendy Orange, who recently resigned her job as project manager at ES&S (another voting equipment company), was working with Indiana election officials, with her office inside the election board's warehouse. She stated that voting equipment companies say “trust us,” and they have been trusted for years. But has that trust been earned? Can voters really “trust” the products and the companies who make them?

When Ries, the MicroVote President, was asked how a citizen could know if his/her voted counted, he replied, “It's one of those areas of a leap of faith. You really do have to have a faith in your local jurisdiction, that they are conducting equitable elections in the best faith of the voters. The security for the voter, once again, is the acceptance of good judgment by a local board. Quite frankly, it's very difficult to convince somebody how do I know my vote counted…. There is no way to link that individual ballot back to that individual voter.”"Bold emphasis is mine.

I'm voting for NOTA (otherwise known as "none of the above").