Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Here a Civilian Contractor, there a Civilian Contractor, Everywhere a Civilian Contractor

Sometimes it isn't just our catchword "Bushcorp," but it seems as if the entire reason for war and the carrying out of it is run by civilians, whether for long-term geoprofit or for short-term war-profit. But it infects the CIA, too.

From theage.com comes a report of heavy participation by civilian contractors in the raid on Chalabi's house last week. Reading between the lines it appears they used these folks to gather intelligence from the computers there, but some actions certainly will make it look as if they were there to show the world the face of "ugly Americanism."
But eight armed American contractors paid by a US State Department program went on the raid, directing and encouraging the Iraqi policemen who, witnesses say, ripped out computers, turned over furniture and smashed photographs.

Some of the Americans helped themselves to baklava, apples and diet soda from Mr Chalabi's refrigerator, sitting in a garden outside to enjoy their looted snacks, according to members of Mr Chalabi's staff.

The contractors work for DynCorp, a subsidiary of Computer Sciences Corporation and the company in charge of training and advising the Iraqi police on a State Department contract. A State Department official confirmed the DynCorp workers' presence during the raid.

What's odd is that this didn't get legs and hit all the papers. Just envision some computer geeks out in the garden of Chalabi's home sipping on margueritas and ordering the ransacking. It all seems so decadent.

Gee, why am I not surprised?