Monday, April 04, 2005

Vigilante Justice

Over this past weekend, I saw a TV report about the Minuteman Patrols in Arizona. Setting aside the "neighborhood watch" aspect of this endeavor for the moment, and brushing off potential constitutional issues, what happens when one of the good old boys gets a bit trigger happy some night? You know it's going to happen eventually.

I'm a bit more than vaguely disturbed by vigilante groups such as the Minutemen. But you decide:

(CBS 5 NEWS) - A group of volunteers calling themselves Minutemen, begins regular patrols of the Arizona-Mexican border Monday.

They are looking for illegal immigrants along a 23-mile stretch in the San Pedro Valley. They were busy this weekend and made a handful of sightings leading to more than a dozen arrests...

From Fight Fascism Together:

...Bystanders were the people who knew, but did not do anything. Bystanders were to a certain extent also the countries that knew about the violence against the Jews - at least from 1938 onwards - but closed their borders to Jewish refugees. The Gestapo, the secret police in Nazi Germany, could not have worked without tens of thousands of willing informants, that did nothing except tell what they saw or heard...

Update, 4:00PM The Associated Press has more regarding the vigilante group tripping border sensors. A border patrol spokesperson says "The possibility for something going drastically wrong is very high."