Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Taking Hate Against Gays Nationwide

I caught this headline today: Group makes noise over Day of Silence. It doesn't nearly capture what is really going on, though. "Day of Silence" is an event designed to combat gay-bashing in schools. Students go silent to bring an emphasis to the issue. As such they are combatting violence and hate in the most nonviolent way possible. Jesus loves nonviolence, and he loves all his children, but it seems that some religious folks neither love nonviolence nor all Jesus' children.

The Alliance Defense Fund, one of those Radical Right Wing Christian Cleric organizations, has started "Day of Truth," where students wear T-Shirts saying “The Truth Cannot be Silenced” and handing out tracts spelling out that being gay means engaging in "detrimental behavior."

The ADF has certainly designed their counter-event to slide under the rules. Note that there's no "God" on those T-Shirts, so it will be tough for any school to ban them. But it is nevertheless clear that ADF youhts are following a far more confrontational model, and that they are singling out one group, rather than singling out destructive actions, as the Day of Silence kids do.

So what's going to happen when one of these young Christian brownshirts gets too much into someone's face with one of those tracts and causes a scene? Well, the "Day of Truth" is tomorrow, and there's sure to be fireworks somewhere. I'm convinced that the American Mullahs WANT violence.

Oh, on the subject of gays in sports, there's an interesting survey commissioned by Sports Illustrated. Yeah, a little bonus link from the SpinDentist.