Friday, April 08, 2005

Taboo Topics - The Big Elephant

Why is it that some subjects are off-limits for discussion? There are topics that make even the most hardy, open-minded, progressive individual queasy or uneasy or make like the monkeys up in the corner.

For some families the big elephant in the room is an alcohol or drug problem, for others sex is the topic to be ignored and treated like it doesn't exist. While it doesn't seem like there's a topic that hasn't been widely covered and discussed by progressives, there is one. Voting rights. It just isn't good enough to say, "Yeah, I believe every US Citizen that is entitled to vote has the right to vote and should vote."

We need to have serious discussions about the processes that are currently in place. So far, with a couple of exceptions, I haven't seen many on the left tackle this topic. Before the ballots were cast in November there was plenty of talk about dirty tricks, incidents of fraud, and voter suppression. Since the election you can practically hear the crickets chirping. The silence from "the left" on this issue is deafening.

What's up with that? Really, I want to know.

The latest on election reform

One of my favorite places to stop for the latest on voting rights issues is the BradBlog. If you're new here or haven't heard about the Clint Curtis vote rigging story Brad's is the place to get the full skinny. While our media has been sleeping through some of the most important stories of the last couple of years, not all media is.

Pulitzer Prize Winning Reporter to Break Major New Element in Story!

Pa. Decertifies Some Voting Machines

and if you haven't already, hop over to and sign their petition.