Friday, April 08, 2005

Social Security - GOP Backing Off Privatization

News Item: GOP Leaders Weigh New Social Security Plan

Has the GOP Senate and House leadership finally realized they have a stinking, rotting compost pile on their hands? Or has it finally dawned on them that there are simply more important things to be dealing with right now? Or are they just a lilly-livered pack of surrender monkeys? Heaven forbid that they actually got religion, and realized that Maximum Leader's plans for gutting the Social Security system, via the privatization ponzi scheme, is going to very squarely bite them in the ass next year.

I don't know why it took them so long to get it. What's plainly obvious to me is that they've never sat down around a kitchen table at dinner with mom and dad and actually tried to understand why, especially for older Americans, the topic is so damn sensitive.

Political hubris only goes so far before political reality sets in. Screwing with the senior demographic brings on the day of political reckoning even faster.

Update, 4:30PM - From

...RNC spokeswoman Tracey Schmidt suggested that supporters who use the term "privatize" are listening to the wrong people.

"There's been a concerted effort on the part of Democrats to spread misinformation," she said. "The word `privatizing' has unfortunately seeped into the public dialogue."

Ummmm, Tracey? Privatize this. It was Maximum Leader himself who coined the phrase - until it didn't focus group well - and then Frank Luntz stepped in. Let's not rewrite history, Tracey - especially when Molly Ivins documents the atrocities so well.