Saturday, April 09, 2005

Domestic Terrorism - GOP Stamp of Approval

Randall Terry and his crew of mouth breathers dodged a bullet. Olympic bomber and all around anti-abortion domestic terrorist, Eric Rudolph, was allowed to cop a plea yesterday. He admitted guilt to a variety of bombings and deaths in exchange for a life sentence. He will not be going to trial.

More than a few semi-legit fundie fringe organizations (and their backers, front men, and congressional shills) were sweating a Rudolph trial. Me, I was looking forward to it. I wanted Rudolph's association and/or support by some of these groups to be exposed and read into the public record, because some of these same groups have co-opted certain leaders in congress. A bit of digging will show a great deal of support for Rudolph by the same type of organizations that gathered for American Taliban Wankfest 2005 this past week. Wouldn't want one of those "activist judges" sentencing Rudolph to death, right?

There's little doubt that because of the nature of his crimes, Rudolph's deal had to be approved at the highest level of the Justice Department. That means Attorney General "Abu Al" Gonzales was involved, and it wouldn't take a grand conspiracy theory to imagine that his office received some friendly pressure to offer a plea bargain. If you think about it, the deal with a domestic terrorist is kind of odd, especially during the same week that Abu Al testified so strongly in favor of keeping the Patriot Act intact.

At the end of the day, the GOP has a whole lot of reasons why they wouldn't want Eric Rudolph to go on trial, for (strangely enough) many of the same reasons they would rather not have Saddam Hussein ever see the light of a courtroom.

Too many cockroaches would be exposed.