Wednesday, April 06, 2005

ASZ Fundraiser, Day Two: The Value Proposition

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It's hard as hell for me to even write this, because I personally have a difficult time asking anyone for help with moving a piece of furniture, much less their hard-earned money. On one hand, I feel like I'm standing on a street corner in Center City Philadelphia holding out an empty McDonald's cup. But on the other hand, receiving your monetary support is, quite honestly, a validation that there is worth to what's being done on ASZ, and that the words you find here are more than just another empty scream in the left wing echo chamber.

When I decided to ask for contributions to ASZ, I asked myself a personally critical question: "Why would people donate to All Spin Zone? What do we bring to the table that readers can't find anywhere else?" I felt I had to answer this question not only for our readers, but for myself, before I could even ask you for money. Call it our "value proposition".

Here's what I came up with. There's a whole lot of blogs in the Left Blogzome, but there are precious few where you can get a progressive spin on political news, feed your head, and really - I mean really - interact with the protagonists. When you stick around ASZ for awhile, you really get a sense of who we are as people, not just our political views, because we actively participate in the discussions. Those of you who have been hanging out here for awhile know that I was deeply involved with an inner city foodbank, that Doc is on the board of an emerging Philly area philanthropy / charity group, that Forrest receives his degree this year, and that Kate is - well, a big, big heart with family baggage (like every one of us).

You just don't get snark at ASZ. You get catharsis from us, and we let you know you're not alone in your struggle to get through the day.

Again, you can help ASZ live long and prosper. Click the "tip bucket" icon in the right menu, or click on this link.

Tommorrow I lay out the growth expenses: Where is your contribution going? Day three of the blog-a-thon continues with the ASZ Chart of Accounts.