Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Gimme some more of that old European elitism

Recently, I have been shocked to see the conservative tendency to scream and complain about "bias" rise to embarassing levels. They've even taken to attacking their own judges as "activists".

The UK has been among the only European nation that Bush and Co. have not attacked with regards to the "War on Terror". That will soon change. The so-called "European snobbery" will grow to include Great Britain.

UK Panel: U.S. Troops Too Heavy - Handed

If this "European snobbery" includes the ability to see a mess and tragedy of a war for what it is and to point it out to those responsible for making it so, give me some more of their "elitism".

Once the Freepers, fundies and company start attacking them, I wonder how long it will take the Brits to realize that Bush and the GOP never really cared about them, but rather this was simply another case of the Republican Party using a group of people as instruments to achieve their goals.

LONDON (AP) -- U.S. troops in Iraq are provoking civilians and hampering rebuilding with an excessive use of force, British lawmakers said in a report Tuesday.

The House Foreign Affairs Committee also found that the slow pace of reconstruction had fueled the insurgency in Iraq and suggested the country had replaced Afghanistan as a training ground for international terrorists.

This entire "War on Terror" was begun to destroy havens for terrorist activity and to prevent such centers from developing again.

A couple weeks ago, I posted on the anniversary of My Lai and the following comment is lifted straight from the discussion that followed.

My wife is Viet, and her brother is a Hero of the Revolution. That means, he is a decorated Viet Cong soldier (9 years service near the Song Ben Hai). I traveled, with her & him, to My Lai to visit the Memorial. (It is crowded with school children every day). His comment (translated) "The Americans made it easy for us to win over the people with their everyday brutality."

And so it will go with Iraq.
What is it going to take for our nation to learn?