Saturday, April 09, 2005

ASZ Fundraising, Day 5 - Thank You!

When I started this fundraising driver earlier this week, I really didn't know what to expect. God knows we're not the biggest dog on the Left Blogzome porch; shoot, we're not even at chihuahua status yet. But one thing I've been pleasantly surprised about is the great feedback and suggestions that I've received, and I'm eternally grateful that I didn't apparently scare off too many readers by holding out the tin cup.

This is the last day of the current ASZ fundraising drive. The minimum goal of the blog-a-thon hasn't been reached, but I'm hopeful that on this final appeal to your wallet, you'll be moved to get us closer. If you click on the ASZ Tip Box icon on the right (or click on this link), you'll see how much has been raised to date. If you can sweeten the pot a bit, it'll be a whole lot easier to justify to my own sweetie whatever extra dollars I have to throw in to the upgrades.

I want to thank everyone that's tossed a few bucks into the cup. Anyone that's donated "non-anonymously" should have received a personal thank you note from me already, but for those of you who wished to remain cloaked, please accept my generic heartfelt "thanks!" that I'm offering in this post.

If you haven't hit the tip box yet, again, you can help ASZ live long and prosper. Click the icon in the right menu, or click on this link.

Lastly, my personal thanks to SpinDentist, Kate, Forrest and sukabi for continuing to help me out with this endeavor. We've got a long way to go. There's some evil in this country that we need to continue to expose; there's causes we need to support; there's candidates we need to push. You guys are the best, and I appreciate every bit of your contribution in making ASZ a place I want to hang my own hat. I appreciate it more than you'll ever know.