Friday, April 15, 2005

A Few Items Concerning Gays and Lesbians

In Texas you can be fired for being a Lesbian
Merry Stephens is finding out, even after coaching the town Girl's Basketball teams to record results. Hey, look, though, they've got to pay her two years of salary. Steve Gilliard also pipes in on this one. I give him credit, but I didn't get the story from there. Today I had some time to read all of the last couple days of the New York Times! Ah, sweet luxury. . .

Speaking of sports and gays
Sports Illustrated came out with a poll timed for the broadcast of Ring of Fire, the documentary about the boxer Emile Griffith set to be broadcast on April 20th on USA. The full poll shows what you think it would, that more and more people are becoming accepting of gays and lesbians, but also that most people think advertisers are unwise to hire gay and lesbian athletes as spokespeople. Ho hum. The real gem here is the long story about Emile Griffith, a man who climbed to the top and subsequently fell, evidently all the time tortured by his sexual identity.

The Ohio Constitutional Marriage Bill is Producing Unintentional Problems
Of course, any time you make a law it will cause unintentional problems, which is why the constitutions of all states make DAMN sure it is tough to amend that document. Ohio is seeing the results of what happens when you make a law based on fear. The Amendment, you see, eliminates protections for all people cohabitating, not just gays and lesbians. As such, spousal abuse charges are being thrown out of court, at least in situations where the folks are no longer "spouses" under any Ohio legal definition. Stupid legislators make stupid laws, and scared ones make even stupider laws.

Queer Eye spawns some new networks, according to CBS
Will they get along happily, asks CBS? Dang it, I hope not. They should fight and scratch for market share just like all enterprises, and that will make them stronger. What's that tone in the CBS article implying these folks should play nicey-nice? Q Television and HereTV are the pay channels, with MTV running out its own Logo on basic cable channels. Yes, I think the premise of Adored: Diary of a Male Porn Star on HereTV is pretty out there. Sure to get some viewers, I bet.

Can't you just hear those Radical Right Wing Chrisitan Clerics gnashing their teeth?