Thursday, April 07, 2005

Talking to the Reptile: The GOP Wants to Enslave You

Prologue - Maslow
Part 1 - The Petition
Part 2 - Pack Your Shit

Part 3 - The Un-emancipation Proclamation

The GOP wants reinstate slavery. In fact, they're very upset that it's taken this long to give you the opportunity to become an indentured servant. During their reign of terror (basically, since Newt's "Contract On America" in the mid-1990's), they've been paid an awful lot of money by banks and credit card companies to do everything possible to get laws pushed through that will make people like you and me indebted to them for all our earthly eternity. The bankruptcy bill that's currently before the House of Representatives is nothing more than a thinly disguised attempt to create a slave class.

Look at it this way - the pending bankruptcy bill (voting postponed until next week) is little more than the Un-emancipation Proclamation. Abe Lincoln is turning over in his grave.

Take Back America has an excellent compilation of links and discussion today on the bankruptcy bill. Here's a taste of the discussion taken from

...This bill allows us to answer the question: "What if there were a bill that served purely and clearly corporate greed while damaging millions of non-wealthy Americans, would the Democratic Party stand against it? Would the Democratic leadership fight it? Would all members of this purportedly distinct political party vote for people over profits?

Now, I did have to chuckle when reading the entire Take Back America compilation, because it contained this statement:

...In addition, the Democrats on the House Judiciary have laid out for their colleagues the case against this bill in a 54-page dissent that was leaked to Raw Story...

Fifty-four freaking pages?? No wonder Democrats can't get their point across. They still haven't figured out how to talk to the reptile. There's a lot of good information in the document, to be sure - but that isn't going to convince anyone this is a bad bill. Excuse me, a draconian bill.

Your Maslow / Cranium reptilian talking points for the day:
  1. The bankruptcy bill hurts everyone's personal economic security by eliminating a safety net of last resort.
  2. Personal financial problems are a leading cause of marital problems, spousal abuse, and suicide.
  3. Removing the ability of those with no hope to get a fresh start in life is a very un-Christian, anti-family act.
  4. Any congressperson who votes for this bill is pro-spouse abuse, anti-life, and worships the moneychangers.

Any questions? Now, that didn't take 54 pages, did it?