Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Scary People, Part 9,237

From the St. Pete Times:

... None of the speakers mentioned Michael Schiavo, the husband who argued for years that his wife would not have wanted to be kept alive, given the brain injuries she sufferred. Terri was referred to by her maiden name, Terri Schindler, throughout the service.

Many in attendance Tuesday had never met Terri Schiavo. They came in support of her family. "I know I speak for millions when I say to you tonight four simple words," Pavone said to the Schindler family seated in the front row. "We are with you."

Schiavo's brother, Bobby Schindler, had trouble beginning his rememberence to his sister. After choking back tears, he held up a Purple Heart sent to the family by a Vietnam War veteran. The sender indicated that Schiavo was killed by enemies of the United States, and thus, deserved the award, Schindler said to a standing ovation...

This is what we're up against. And you don't think the "holy war" is coming soon to a city near you?

Just wait until these people get over the requisite mourning period for Schiavo and the Pope. It's like watching the gargoyles coming to life in "Ghostbusters".