Friday, April 01, 2005

ASZ Admin News and "Clean Ice" Open Thread

As you can see, we've been tinkering with the format of All Spin Zone - and we'd appreciate some feedback if something's acting a bit weird. For the geeks among you, ASZ uses cascading style sheets (CSS) for formatting, and the joint endeavor between Forrest and myself to set up a three column layout was somewhat, eh, challenging. After rigorous testing, 3 beers, and several shots (all necessities when coding), this is the end result. Also, to make the main page load faster, we've cut back the number of postings shown on the main page. If you want to go back further than three days, please click on the monthly archive link in the left menu.

All of this reformatting is a prelude to moving ASZ to its own domain and host over the next few weeks. Blogger's servers are way overtaxed, and there seems to be more problem days than not anymore. We'll try to make the transition as seamless as possible. We're also looking at different enhancements that will make ASZ a more collaborative and dynamic environment.

None of the upgrades come without cost, and my wife would cut me off at the knees if I took any more cash out of my pocket to finance this endeavor, so we're hoping the ASZ community will pitch in a few pennies to help out with costs. There's an honor system "tip box" in the right column where you can drop a donation; if you feel you need more bang for your buck than our erudite observations and writing, buy a great video from TLA Video or book from Amazon, and we get a few sheckles in the transaction. Fair warning - we'll be doing a formal beg-a-thon shortly...

Lastly, after many applications, Blogads finally felt our traffic was sufficient to let us sign up (boy, that was a tough nut to crack), so we'll be doing some more with that, too. We promise to be extremely picky about the ads we approve - causes we believe in and services that we think are of value to our readers. Both we and the advertisers would appreciate it if you'd click through - while Blogads is not a clickthrough ad system, they do count the clickthroughs, and that's important for new and repeat ad support.

Growing of those good problems to have. ;-)

Whether you've been with us for awhile, or just found us recently, thanks for being a part of the ASZ community!

Update, 4/2/05: Several Mac-o-philes have commented that ASZ isn't rendering properly in the Safari browser, which apparently has some issues with properly interpreting CSS-based sites. Without starting our own cute little Mac / PC war, let me just say, "we're working on it" the meantime, IE, Firefox, Netscape and Mozilla work fine with the site. Pick your poison.