Friday, April 08, 2005

ASZ Fundraising, Day 4 - Your Turn

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Were you jonsing last night for something new from ASZ, Atrios, Gilliard, Digby, Suburban Guerilla, or any of the other Blogger-hosted political blogs? Well, guess what? Blogger crashed again. And you wonder why I want to move this homestead to greener internet pastures?

Anyway, this being Friday (and Day Four of ASZ Held Hostage: The Blog-A-Thon), it seems an appropriate time to let you vent your spleen. As we uproot All Spin Zone and move to another host / new software, what would you like to see? What is it that attracts you to the best political blogs? I'm thinking that at least in the poli-blog world, it's a case of substance over style. As long as you can read the words, most political junkies will be relatively satisfied, and the whistles and bells are not so much of an issue. But you tell me.

What's most important is that none of my grandiose and mad plans to take over the political blogging world [insert Dr. Evil laugh here] are going to happen without you. Not going to happen without your ideas; not going to happen without your contributions. Like a bad PBS fund drive, "it's all up to you". During the first day of this fundraiser, I said that you were determining the future direction of ASZ, by your participation (or not).

So let me know what would float your boat - besides poliporn, that is...Condi with a cat-o-nines tail and leather chaps is not my idea of good political blogging.

Again, you can help ASZ live long and prosper. Click the "tip bucket" icon in the right menu, or click on this link.

Tomorrow, the last day of the fundraiser, I say "thank you". Day five of the blog-a-thon continues with Blowing Smoke up Your Skirt.

Update, 1:15PM - To understand the scope of the problem with Blogger, check out this Wired News article from yesterday. I'll give Google / Blogger this: they're pissing everyone off on an equal opportunity basis.