Friday, April 08, 2005

He Lives!

You knew you couldn't count a good scumbag out. He couldn't be there in person, so Tom "Bugman" DeLay addressed the flock of faithful at American Taliban Wankfest 2005 by videotape. According to Knight-Ridder:

WASHINGTON - House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, R-Texas, stepped up his attack on federal judges Thursday, telling a gathering of religious conservatives that the judiciary has "run amok" and demanding that Congress assert authority over the courts.

"The judiciary branch of our government has overstepped its authority on countless occasions, overturning and in some cases just ignoring the legitimate will of the people," DeLay said. "But I also believe the executive and legislative branches have neglected the proper checks and balances on this behavior ... Our next step, whatever it is, must be more than rhetoric."

So, basically, the bugman continues his crusade for making so much toilet tissue out of the Constitution. And he continues his courting of the radical fundamentalist wingnuts, because they're the only constituency that isn't chasing him with wooden stakes and mallets.

Here's how I prefer to look at Bugman's remarks: to riff on continuing Iraqi sewage spew from the Pentagon, "The dying gasp of a House Majority Leader on his last legs..."

Others might prefer to keep keep the wooden stakes and garlic cloves close by. Or whatever the weapon of choice might be when the living dead come to call.