Saturday, April 02, 2005

Live From the Situation Room...

(Shamelessly lifted from Eschaton comments...)

"So Karl, who we going to appoint as the new Pope? Got any ideas?"

"Mr. President, um, there's going to be some difficulty with that."

"What do you mean difficulty? Juanita, get me Bill Frist on the line. We're going nuklear, I've had it with these liberulz blocking my appointments."

"No sir, its not that. You see, the Vatican is a soverign country, we don't have any influence on who they choose to be their leader."

"Soverign country, no shit? Hell, my ranch is bigger than that postage stamp. Why I'd bet I could take over that place just using one platoon from the Baylor ROTC. Juanita, cancel that call to Frist, get me Tommy Franks, and the Preznit of Baylor. Then get me Paul Bremmer, I've got another job for him."

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