Wednesday, April 06, 2005


That's what we call it in the Philadelphia region when we're pissed. As in, "Yo, Ricardo, youse got a baaaaaad fookin' attytood today, yo." (Say it in your best Sly Stallone / Rocky voice.)

Will Bunch of Attytood has an attytood today - as well he should, and as well you should - The right-wing smear on photojournalists:

Most of the time we're more amused than seriously bothered by the antics of 'the 101st Fighting Keyboarders,' which is the term that Tbogg and other bloggers on the left have adopted for the 'chickenhawks' of cyberspace who are more than eager to project strength by throwing Americans into harm's way -- as long as it's somebody else.

But today, we're pissed off...

Somehow, I knew as I listened to the report on the radio yesterday afternoon that the AP had received the Pulitzer for its photographer's work in Iraq, that there would be a major league shitstorm in Wingnuttia.

I wasn't wrong.