Sunday, April 10, 2005

Right Wing Internet Whack Jobs

In Pennsylvania the political landscape is dominated on the right by two web sites,, a site which promotes drudge-like spin on stories relevant to Pennsylvania politics, and, a site that incites, a la the freepers. There's a bit of a rivalry between the two, as evidenced by the glee with which reports a story about the message boards on politicspa being SHUT DOWN! Why? Here's what it says on their web site:
Editor's Note: PoliticsPA has eliminated access to our message boards. As part of an ongoing investigation, we are precluded from writing more than that the state police are investigating a terroristic threat made to Mayor Doherty. In accordance with our standing policy, PoliticsPA did not divulge the identity of the posting source; that will be the decision of the source's internet service provider, America Online

Yeah, one of those kindly conservative souls frequenting Republican sites is actually threatening the life of a Democratic office-holder.

I must now confess that I knew nothing about Blogs until I was introduced to them on the old Philadelphia Eagles Message Board by a guy who called himself "clintonisascumbag." I guess the nickname shows you all you need to know. He lives up in the Scranton area, and from his past posts I wouldn't put it past him to announce death threats. I'll be contacting one of my friends to see if hes the guy State Police are going after. Regardless, this kind of inciting is endemic on those two Republican grass roots web sites. It's good someone has at least called them on it, but also good to see a little back-biting between the sites. Good news for us, as this this news spells trouble for Republican Party unity in the Keystone state for 2006. Perhaps this does, too -- Pat Toomey is not ruling out a run against Santorum in the Republican primary.

My goodness, but it surely looks like there's some real unity problems for the Republicans, both national and local.